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Todswim classes for children between 12 and 36 months are now on offer at Virgin Active, Centurion.
Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and last for up to 30 minutes.

Lessons are grouped according to age-group and level. Each group has a maximum of 4 tots together with their care-giver.

Lessons consist of lots of play and fun! Swimming lessons should never be traumatic! Our focus will also be on teaching your toddler to be totally relaxed and comfortable in the water.

Children will learn safe ways to enter and exit a pool, how to walk along the wall to get back to shallow water or step in order to climb out as well as important buoyancy skills.
Fun activities to encourage them to wet their faces and submerge will ensure that they are quickly on their way to becoming little fish in the water!

Submersion is never forced however, and learning is at the child’s own pace.

Your toddler will love spending this special time with you - and swimming lessons will become the highlight of their week.

Owner and Head Instructor Pam Reynecke personally takes these classes.

How long will it take for my toddler to learn to swim?
This is impossible to say as your child needs to learn at his own pace. It is possible for some toddlers to able to jump in and get back to the side by 15-18months but it all depends on how comfortable they are in the water and their stage of growth and co-ordination.

Why do you only have classes for 12months and up and not younger?
This is largely because of my own personal beliefs and choices - I feel that babies younger than 12 months can certainly enjoy the benefits of going into a pool - but it should be just a fun time with a parent whenever you want to and not in a structured lesson on particular days and times. Swimming South Africa’s Todswim qualification is also only from 12 months up.

Do I have to get into the water with my child?
Yes - if not you, then at least an adult that the child knows and trusts. If the care-giver is not comfortable in the water however, their fears and anxieties can be transferred to your child - consider some lessons for the care-giver first.

My toddler isn’t potty trained - what must he wear?
Specifically designed swimming nappies with a tight fitting full one-piece costume will ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum.

Must I be a member of Virgin Active?
Yes, the person who brings the toddler for lessons must be a member.

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