Private and Adult

Private Lessons and Adult Coaching


Private (1-on-1) and semi-private (1-on-2) lessons are on offer for adults or swimmers with special needs wishing to learn to swim and for adults and competitive swimmers of any age who want to improve their technique of any of the strokes. Bookings can be made at your convenience according to availability of instructors, times and pool space and can be taken in the mornings, evenings and over weekends. Lessons can be either 30minutes or 1 hour. Semi-private lessons can only be booked if the 2 students book together and are of similar swimming ability.
(VA Centurion and Eco Park Only)

Masters Swim Coaching - For the adult swimmer who takes part in Masters competitions. It’s more fun training in a group so join us and get fit while improving your techniques of all strokes at the same time. Sessions are held 3 times per week.
(VA Eco Park Only)

Triathlon/open-water Swim Coaching - Been training for hours and just feel like you’re not getting any fitter and swimming is a struggle? Join these sessions and we will help improve your technique so that swimming becomes a pleasure - then we’ll get you fit for that Iron-man or Midmar You’ll get expert advice from coach and top tri-athlete Nico Sterk on how to swim in open water. 2 evenings per week and Saturday mornings.(VA Centurion and Rooihuiskraal Only)
Adult Stroke Program

You know how to swim and don’t really want to take part in any competitions, but you would like to improve your technique and/or learn new strokes eg butterfly. If you would like to do this on a regular basis - then this program is for you.(VA Eco Park Only)

Video analysis: 1 hour sessions available where we will spend 30mins taking video of your swimming from all angles including underwater and then 30 minutes watching and analyzing the video. A copy of the video will be sent to you with a written analysis. (VA Centurion and Eco Park Only)

I have a fear of the water - can I really learn to swim?
Of course you can! We have been teaching adults for years and we have an unrivalled reputation in this regard. We’ll first teach you how the water works -knowledge overcomes many fears. Then we’ll get you so comfortable and relaxed in the water you’ll wonder why you were scared in the first place. Then you will learn how to get your face into the water while breathing easily. Once we’ve achieved these things you’ll be swimming in no time!

I would like to start taking part in Masters competitions but I haven’t swum for many years and am extremely unfit - where do I start?
By joining us! We will start you off slowly, but regular attendance will ensure that your fitness level improves quickly. At the same time you’ll learn techniques for all strokes that will soon have you at a level where you’ll be able to compete.

I want to take part in triathlons but my swimming is terrible - should I join your coaching sessions?
Come for a free assessment. We may suggest that you first attend some private lessons or a Total Immersion™ workshop to get your swimming technique to a level where you will benefit by joining the coaching sessions.

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