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Swimming season gets into full swing

 Spring is here and as I write this the wind is blowing and I can almost smell the rain - maybe, just maybe our first summer rains will fall tonight. Isn't it just wonderful how everything just becomes fresh, clean and almost new after those first rainfalls.

We look forward to a great summer teaching kids and adults swimming - it's inspiring to know that our jobs can not only help so many to really enjoy the fun in the sun and water in the summer months, but also to know that so many more will actually be safe in and around the water.

But before we look forward to some of the new things planned we should look back at the last few winter months. After the winter holiday which saw most of us on a high with the World Cup we then had to come back down to earth very quickly to get ready for the new season. We made some changes with regards to the instructors, and had a transition period for some of the change-overs. By all accounts this has gone very well. We welcomed Duane to the Libra staff in Janauary 2010 on a very part-time basis, but he came on board on a more full-time basis in August and is really proving to be an asset to the Academy. Michelle, Shannon and Janine continue to be very loyal instructors who have proved that they can teach swimming at the high level that is expected of them. Nico, who coaches the Tri/open-water squad is just so dedicated and it's such a pleasure to have a young man of his calibre working for us. I can say all of this with confidence from the emails I receive and from the chats I have with everyone on pool deck. Thanks to each and everyone of our instructors/coaches.

I must say I'm enjoying my new role of being more of a supervisor, being able to observe classes in action and getting the chance to meet every pupil/student plus the parents. When you see me at the pools, please feel free to come and discuss any problems or issues you may have - even if I look rather busy with my laptop!

I will now be more involved personally giving Total Immersion workshops and courses and am very excited about the new TI pages on our website. Having made the decision to withdraw from teaching in the afternoons in order to be able to devote more time to the swim school as a whole, and to TI, I must admit I was nervous about whether it was the right decision or not. I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a man who did a TI workshop with me in December 2009. He thanked Terry Laughlin (Founder of TI) and myself for the part we had played in him swimming the English Channel beginning September! This has inspired me - there only 2 of us in SA accredited as TI coaches, and if we can help people to achieve these kinds of goals, then I just have to continue doing it.

We have a new Facebook Page and we really hope that you will join us on it - we hope to use it to give out lots of news and info, add relevant articles, plus motivational things like pupil awards etc. Amusing posts with kids comments during lessons etc will add to the fun. Click here to go to our page and join

I'd like to thank all our pupils and parents from Centurion who have put up with the inconvenience of having to move to Eco Park while the aqua pool is closed for repairs. I know it's not easy especially with the traffic later on - but it's worth it. Thanks too, to the instructors, especially Shannon and Janine who are rather cold by the end of the afternoon, but still have smiles on their faces.

Friendly reminder that we do not close during the September/October school holidays - it's just not a good time to be closed - many have just started with lessons and settled down. However if you are going away, please just advise the instructor/coach and travel safely.

We trust we're in for a great season and that everyone involved with Libra will enjoy thier time with us at the pools. Please take care around your home pools and supervise children diligently. If you go away over long weekends or in the holidays be extra careful and sensible around water. Please remember that accidents can happen to anyone but we certainly don't want one to happen to you or your children.

Cheers for now


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