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Intermediate - Swordfish


The Intermediate classes are for children who can already help themselves in the water. Here they are taught basic strokes in small groups of 3-4 per class. Correct principles and techniques are taught right from the start so that there are no bad habits to undo later on. Lessons last for 30 minutes and are held twice a week either on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays. Once a week classes on Saturdays are also now available. (VA Centurion and Eco Park). NB! At least one parent must be a member of Virgin Active – all pupils must have access cards to the club.

The program consists of 2 levels:

Red level

At this level we continue with basic techniques of Freestyle and Backstroke where pupils learn how to apply the principles of balance, length and rotation into their strokes. We begin to introduce them to Breaststroke and the dolphin movements required for Butterfly. Survival Backstroke, an essential skill for being able to swim in adverse conditions and how to swim if fully clothed are also included.

Bronze level

Pupils begin to learn rhythmic bilateral breathing and other more advanced techniques for Freestyle. In their Backstroke they begin to master alternating arm movements. Simple drills that are used for both Breaststroke and Butterfly help pupils to learn the correct basics of these two complex strokes in an easy, fun way. More advanced survival strokes and rescues are also included at this level.

My child can already swim - why are you taking him back to learning very basic skills and not just trying to improve his technique?
Unfortunately we often have to do this with self-taught kids and many of those who come to us from other swim-schools. In order to really get his technique to improve we need to get him truly balanced in the water - many faults in technique are due to the body being unbalanced, so if we don’t get the balance right first it could take years to get him out of bad faults.

How does your certification process work?
Each level has certain important skills that need to be performed competently and repeatedly in order for the child to receive the certificate for that level. Certificates are presented in June and November to those who have achieved the competency required for each skill. Those pupils who haven’t quite completed all the requirements receive a progress report as well as a certificate for Progress so that no child goes home empty-handed.

My child has completed the Bronze level - does he have to continue on to the Silver level?

No he doesn't, in fact you can discontinue lessons at any time as long as it’s in accordance with our Terms. Having completed the Bronze level you can consider your child to be relatively water-safe around small home pools. The Advanced levels do take the child more towards the competitive techniques of the swimming strokes, but even more survival and safety skills are also taught. One should always remember the fact that in and around water "more knowledge and skill means even safer!"

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