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Pam Reynecke


Pam was a competitive swimmer in her teenage years but didn’t quite make it to the level she would have liked, as she wasn’t prepared to give up all the other sports she also enjoyed, especially hockey and tennis. She did however consistently win medals at Central Gauteng (in those days Transvaaal) age-group and Championship galas. Pam trained under coaches Cecil Colwin, Bill Lamont and Zvi Katabi. Her mother, Jean Milner ran a very successful swimming school in Kensington, Johannesburg for nearly twenty years and it was when she had a back operation that Pam found herself arriving home from school and taking the classes for her Mom. Pam has been teaching swimming ever since (for more than 30 years now) and has received SSA’s Gold Award for her service to swimming.
Pam has attended all conferences, seminars and workshops that Swimming South Africa has offered. In order to stay up to date she also surfs the web regularly for swimming related information and receives newsletters and magazines from overseas. In July 2007 she went to America to attend a  training course with world-renowned Total Immersion coach Terry Laughlin and is now in a partnership holding the license for Total Immersion South Africa.

Pam became Chairman of the first NTS Technical Instructors' Committee in 2006 - a position she held until May 2009. .

In October 2007 Pam was one of 3 recipients of Swimming South Africa’s “ Instructor of the Year” award and was a finalist again in 2008.

In May 2009 Pam also received a Meritorius Award from Northern Tigers Swimming (NTS) for her service to the province.

Swimming South Africa - Learn-to-Swim teachers certificate
Swimming South Africa - Advanced Swimming teachers certificate
Swimming South Africa - Todswim teachers certificate
ETDP-SETA - Facilitator and Assessor
Total Immersion Inc.      - Senior Coach

Northern Tigers Swimming - Officiating - Timekeeping and Judging




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