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Cameron van der Burgh was a pupil at our former swim school Tadpoles Swimming School. His instructor was Gerhard Maritz. When we realised he showed the talent to become a competitive swimmer we recommended that he join Lionel Durrant’s squad. A year later he achieved his first provincial colours when he was selected for NTS Schools ‘B” team. Since then he has gone from strength to strength - achieving a bronze medal at World Championships 2007. Cameron was a semi-finalist at the Beijing Olympics and broke 3 World Short-course records in November 2008. At the SA National Championships in April 2009 Cameron added the 50m Breaststroke long course World Record to his growing list of outstanding achievements. In the words of his mom Bev - ‘if Cameron can do it any “Tadpole” can!”

Dean Burger was a pupil of Head Instructor Pam Reynecke. He already showed tremendous dedication in his young days as whenever his class were given a choice of what to swim Dean would choose Butterfly! Pam later recommended he move on to coach Wendy Albertyn and his dedication paid off. He received provincial colours numerous times. Dean’s family moved to New Zealand when was 12 and he proved himself there too gaining National Junior Colours. Dean unfortunately retired from swimming in 2006 - if he hadn’t we are sure we would have been watching 2 former pupils at Beijing!!

Kira Baptiste started swimming lessons with Pam at the age of 3yrs - she was already a little fish and loved the water. At the age of 8˝ she started her competitive swimming career with coach Wendy Albertyn. Now already at the age of 10 she has gained provincial colours, and in 2008 ranked in the Top 10 in Swimming South Africa’s age-group rankings for the 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke and 200m Freestyle. We will watch Kira’s progress with keen interest as we know she has the talent to make it to the top. In February 2009 Kira was selected for the Gauteng Schools team to participate in the SA Schools National Swimming Championships.

Christin Swanepoel began swimming lessons at Tadpoles Swimming School with Instructor Pat Groenewald. At the age of six Pat recommended that she move across to Pam for more advanced lessons as she already showed signs of having huge potential. 2 years later she also started swimming with coach Wendy at Centurion Swimming Club. In 2008 at the age of 10 she was ranked 1st in the SSA age-group rankings for the 200m Breaststroke as well as being in the top 10 for the 50m and 100m. Christin is also showing great potential as an open-water swimmer having competed in many open-water swims. In February 2009 Christin was selected for the Gauteng Schools team to participate in the SA Schools National Swimming Championships.

Taneal Baptiste began swimming lessons with Pam when she was just 3 years old. Unlike her sister (Kira) Taneal had been traumatised by “drown-proofing” methods she had experienced at a previous swim school. She was petrified of putting her face into the water but is living proof that with perseverance anything can be achieved. In 2008 and 2009 Taneal won Gold medals at the Gauteng Schools Championships, where all the best swimmers from Northern Gauteng, Central Gauteng, Easterns and Vaal Triangle compete. Taneal was therefore an automatic choice to be selected for the Gauteng Schools team in February 2009.

Carl Jacobsz came to Libra Swimming Academy in October 2007 as an 8yr old who showed some potential at his school galas but needed to improve the techniques of all his strokes. By December 2008 Carl had shown incredible improvement and we awarded him with our "Swimmer of the Year" certificate. In January 2009 he moved on to Centurion Swimming Club and under the guidance of coach Wendy Albertyn has continued to improve and in March 2010 he was selected for the Gauteng Schools team.

Walter Travers came to Libra Swimming Academy in January 2008 already quite a nice little swimmer, but his parents wanted us to work on his techniques before he went on to a competitive coach. Walter was with us for 6 months and then moved on to TUKS Swimming Club. One and a half years later in March 2010 Walter was selected for the Gauteng Schools' team.

PROVINCIAL AND SCHOOLS COLOURS LIST : Chantel Addinall; Kira Baptiste ; Taneal Baptiste ; Dean Burger ; Sarah-Ingrid Calitz (also national schools colours); Mary-Jean Calitz ; Melissa Combrinck ; Cassandra de Wet ; Suanne de Wet (also national junior colours); Lauren Dyason ; Matthew Foord ; Bevan Gouldie ; Carl Jacobsz ; Hannes Meyer ; Janine Reynecke ; Michelle Reynecke ; Elro Roos (provincial age-group record holder); Philip Roux ; Christin Swanepoel ; Hope Taylor ; Carike Terblanche ; Cameron van der Burgh ; Walter Travers

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