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Turtles Group - Children from the age of 3 years and up are taught to swim in a friendly, fun-filled environment. Beginner classes consist of only 2 children per class and lessons last for 20 minutes. Lessons are held twice a week either on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays.
Once a week classes on Saturdays are also now available. (VA Centurion and Eco Park)

The program consists of 3 levels - the first 2 overlap from the Todswim program.

Green level

The priority at this level is to get children happy, comfortable and confident in the water. Skills such as wetting faces, submerging and becoming independently mobile are all taught as playful activities, using toys, water aids and games to achieve the desired result. Children are never forced but encouraged to develop at their own pace. Certain safety skills such as safely entering and exiting the pool, holding onto the side, are all included at this level.

Blue level

This is our level of FUNdamentals. Children are taught basic safety and survival skills. Once they have completed this level children are able to paddle 5 metres and kick 5 metres on their backs. The emphasis is on teaching children to swim in a relaxed manner and not to fight the water. Swimming aids are used only when necessary in order to assist or help with confidence. Children also learn to jump into the deep-end and get back to the side and to float unassisted on their backs.

Orange level

At this level we start to introduce Freestyle and Backstroke in a very basic and simple way. However the main emphasis is on children learning right from the beginning the principles of balance, length and rotation. Diving is introduced and they learn how to rescue a friend from the side of the pool. Collecting fun objects from the floor of the pool helps overcome any fears of deep water.

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?
Your child needs to feel happy comfortable and relaxed in the water before even beginning to actually learn to swim. How long will that take? - we don’t know - if there are any fears involved it could be a long process and parents need to be patient.

My child is petrified of the water - should I wait until he is older?
No - the younger the child is (at least 3½ yrs though is recommended) the easier it is get him to enjoy being in the water through playful activities and games. Many swimming skills are learnt in this way without the child realising it. The older the child gets the more difficult it becomes.
Our instructors are well trained to take children through their fears and to help them overcome them. There may well be a few tears at the first few lessons but once your child has learnt to trust his teacher the tears will soon subside.

Why do you only take 2 children per class - other swim schools take more?
We believe that children who are learning to swim deserve the maximum amount of attention from an instructor and we want the process to happen as quickly as possible. Having at least one “friend” in the class means lessons are still fun.

Should my young child swim in the winter months? Absolutely - by stopping for a few months during winter you halt the whole process and when lessons resume in the summer we may have to start right at the beginning again. The facilities at Virgin Active are perfect for winter swimming. Children who swim in the winter are often more healthy than those who don’t.

Is my child water-safe now that he has completed the Orange level?
No-one can ever be considered totally water-safe. Accidents can always happen. It also takes awhile for young children to truly understand all the dangers around water. It is our strong recommendation that you let your child continue with lessons until he has at the least completed the Bronze or Silver levels.

Is membership of Virgin Active required?
At least one parent must be a member of Virgin Active – all pupils must have membership cards to gain access to the club.

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