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Our Advanced lessons are for children who swim in galas at school, want to become competitive swimmers, or just want to become the best swimmers they can be. Children are taught techniques in use by world class swimmers. We consistently take children up to the competitive level when we will send them on to a competitive swimming coach. However our focus is on technique - not on how fast or how far they swim. Correct technique in swimming is vital and young swimmers who have been taught correctly from the start have a huge advantage over others once they move to a competitive coach. These classes have 4-8 children per class, depending on age and ability and last for 30-45 minutes. Classes are held twice a week either on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays. Once a week classes on Saturdays are also now available.
(VA Centurion and Eco Park).
The program consists of 2 levels

Silver level

On completion of this level pupils are able to swim 25m of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Survival Backstroke as well as 15m of Butterfly and Sidestroke (another essential survival and life-saving skill). They are taught to go out and rescue another swimmer with the use of flotation aids and to tread water for at least 1 minute. Basic open turns for all strokes are included at this level.

Gold level

This is the final level of our program and once completed pupils are at a level of proficiency to move on to a competitive coach if they wish to do so. Techniques of all strokes are taught at a high level and once this level is completed pupils are able to swim 50m of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke with correct starts and turns (flip-turns for free & back), 25m Butterfly and also an Individual Medley (25m of each stroke in correct order). Contact rescues where the pupil actually tows another to safety are part of the program. Video analysis (including underwater) is also done from time to time.

My child can swim all the strokes but maybe needs to improve his technique - should we enrol him at Libra Swimming Academy or take him to a Competitive Swimming Coach?
If a child goes to a coach before he is ready it can be quite intimidating - rather bring him to us for a free assessment first. We donít believe in holding children back so if heís ready for coaching weíll tell you, and we wonít try to convince you to bring to him to us if itís not in his best interest.

I don’t want my child to come for regular lessons but I would like him to have a few lessons to improve his technique – what do you recommend? 
You can enrol your child for a few private lessons, payable per lesson, as you book. These lessons have to be done outside of our normal operating hours. Please look at our page for Private Lessons A Total Immersion Workshop or Course could also be considered for children over 12years of age.

My child loves swimming and is able to swim the strokes, but isn’t competitive at all and doesn’t want to take part in galas. I don’t think he would enjoy competitive coaching. Can you help?
Yes, definitely! We have quite a few children who have completed our program right up to Gold level but who remain with us for years afterwards because they merely enjoy swimming.

Competitive Swimming Coaching

For children from 8 years and up who have reasonable technique for all strokes and wish to compete in galas, we recommend Centurion Swimming Club

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